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We are the Leading Attestation Providers in India,We can assist you in getting attestation from UAE Embassy, Qatar Embassy,Kuwait Embassy,Oman Embassy,Saudi Arabia Embassy,Hrd Attestation & Apostille Attestation in Reasonable Rates,. If your looking for Best Service in Lowest price, you have reached your destination.


Xpress Documentation Services

Embassy Xperts consists of a team of professionals, dedicated to helping you legalise your Indian documents for use around the world. We are  treating your valuable documents as if they were our own. You can be assured that your documents are treated with care, attention to detail, and a consistent, professional manner. During this time we've built up a vast amount of knowledge to ensure that your documents are handled correctly. Many well established private limited companies and the multinationals too insist on certificate attestation. If you don't have your certificate attested there is a big chance for losing a good job that you have been offered. So make sure that you attest your certificate.

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